Dexter Beef represents the raison d’etre of Killenure Dexter Gourmet. We are passionate about the breed’s local history; unique physical appearance (they are the smallest breed of cattle in Europe); varied personalities; will to survive; and of course, the stunning beef they produce.

In the last two years we have built up a herd of over 800 happy Dexters, using the original 230 year old Dundrum Estate bloodline. Thanks to our valued partnerships with two local farmers, the Dexter herd has access to 450 acres of the Irish countryside, not to mention years of combined farming experience! By using traditional farming methods, and allowing the cattle to roam freely on the rich grasslands of South Tipperary, we encourage the development of the unique ‘spider marbling’ which the Dexter breed is pre-disposed to. The Dexter beef they produce is tender, and regarded for its sweet, slightly nutty taste. Their rich grass diet also ensures the beef is rich in CLAs, Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9.

Our passion for traditional artisan techniques, and for conservation, means a wide variety of cuts of Dexter beef is available. Our partnership with the Master Butcher John O’Dwyer and his son Ciaran O’Dwyer ensures a quality cut that is prepared locally, with the passion and skill that we pride ourselves on. We also produce Gourmet Dripping, using the rendered suet fat from the Dexters. This most traditional of products is enjoying a revival, and we are delighted to play a small role in its current success. Killenure Dexter Dripping is available from Fallon & Bryne stores. For those who would like to experience the full range of Dexter beef products, carcasses are available for purchase directly from us here at Killenure Castle. Please contact us through the website; social media; or by telephone, which can all be found at the bottom of this page.