Inspired and encouraged by the quality of Dexter beef, we are delighted to present a new range of Dexter Charcuterie products. At Killenure Dexter Gourmet we are passionate about conservation and sustainability, and have built our business around the pursuit of both. By expanding our product range, we can use more of the Dexter, and develop a deeper understanding of what this incredible animal has to offer.

We pride ourselves on quality, artisan methods of production, and our strong ethics. It was vital to us to partner with somebody of equally strong conviction and skill, and we are delighted that both Olivier Beaujouan from ‘On the Wild Side’ and Eoin Bird from ‘The Wooded Pig’ have agreed to collaborate. Like us, they are inspired by the local environment, and use it to source and perfect their products. They also both use traditional methods to produce unique, chemical-free, artisan salamis from Killenure Dexter beef.

Artisanal charcuterier methods present a new, simple, yet sophisticated way to enjoy Dexter beef. Their longer shelf life grants the opportunity to experiment with a Dexter product, and we particularly recommend slicing thinly and consuming ‘as is’, or flash-frying and crisping the salami, to fully appreciate Olivier and Eoin’s wonderful work, and the Dexter’s distinctive taste.