Our passion for conservation informs everything we do here at Killenure Dexter Gourmet. Inspired by the breed’s rich legacy; Eavaun’s artistic background; and our enthusiasm for artisan craftsmanship, we are delighted to announce an upcoming range of handmade Dexter Leather luxury goods.

In designing our Dexter leather range, we focused on products which we felt reflected the ethos of our brand. The results include beautiful hand-crafted and hard-working items such as wallets, washbags, laptop satchels, diaries, passport covers, and sliotars.

In a nod to the legacy of the Dexter, each product has a unique registration number which echoes the traceability numbers of the cattle in the Dundrum herd – we can tell you the diet of your wallet!

The Dexter leather itself is produced by an Italian workshop, and is then delivered to the Holden workshop in Kerry. Conor’s hand-finished luxury leathergoods showcase the beauty of the Dexter leather, and lend form to the breed’s unique journey, from Tipperary to Italy; from extinction to success; from past to present. For more information, please click here for a Journal entry.