Killenure Castle Dexter Beef is engaged with reviving the role nature plays within Irish society and ‘edible culture’. We represent a unique combination of a native Irish breed, a strong historical narrative of both breed and place, and traditional, artisanal methods at every stage of the Dexter beef process. Since 2007, as the custodians of Killenure Castle, we have built a sustainable, community-orientated business, to ensure the future survival of both the Castle, and the Dexter, for future generations.

Everything we do is based on the rich historical narrative of the Dexter and Killenure Castle, and we draw on nature; history; culture; and art for inspiration. We are honoured to play a part in the survival of this uniquely Irish ‘warrior’ breed of cattle.

Originally focused on producing ‘boutique dexter beef’, we are expanding our product range to reflect our passion for the breed and interest in sustainable conservation. Ranging from ‘boutique beef’ to handmade leather goods, we are proud to bring you artisan goods made with everything this Irish heritage breed can offer.


Whether as a bronze-caster in Dublin, or rearing cattle in Tipperary, Eavaun ‘the Sentimental Farmer’ Carmody devotes herself to each and every project that she undertakes. Inspired by her passion for art, culture, exploration, and storytelling, she has restored Killenure Castle to its former glory. In doing so, she has not only produced a space where her family can grow up, but also ensured the castle and house’s survival for future generations.

As the current inhabitant and ‘custodian’ of Killenure, Eavaun describes herself as ‘an ordinary woman in an extraordinary building’, and is determined to share the unique, untold story of the estate’s history with visitors. Her ability to restore; to protect; to nurture; is what attracted her to Killenure Castle, the Dexter breed and Dexter beef.


Our team here at Killenure Dexter Beef Gourmet is drawn from all walks of life, and united by a passion for the Dexter breed. Headed by a professional bronze-caster turned ‘sentimental farmer’, the team acts as custodians not just for the Dexter herd and Dexter beef, but also for Killenure Castle.

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    Eugene ‘The Seagull’ Maher has been at Killenure for over 30 years, and originally worked here alongside his father. He cares for everything, ‘from the Dexter Cattle to the slates on the roof, and everything in-between!’ He is an integral part of Killenure Dexter beef today, and through his dedication, commitment and attention to detail, the legacy of the Castle – and the Killenure Dexter herd – will continue to survive for generations to come.

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    Lawrence “Lol The Bull” Fanning. 4th generation farmer from Rosegreen, specialising in beef and grassland management – expert in multi-species botanicals and so passionate about growing different, tasty grasses – encouraging cattle to eat every inch of the field. Lar trained as a butcher, starting at eleven years old. Lar really know every bit of the cow…inside and out!


    Francis ‘The Roseman’ Culligan, has been a Gardener and Cattle man for 45 years! He is a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to us here at Killenure. He has worked on the 1000 acre Lakefield Estate since he was twelve-years-old. Since mentoring the Killenure team he has acted as a guide, helping and advising us along our journey. He always has a smile for you and is fantastically positive. His enthusiasm for our vision has been hugely appreciated.